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Wale Lawal

We help busy professionals, retirees, about to retire and business owners who are struggling with all the experience, skills, time, resources and commitments it takes to invest profitably in real estate and want to invest passively in real estate with a double digit returns without all the heavy lifting and commitments.

90% of the world’s millionaires have been created by investing in real estate. It is one of the most effective wealth-building vehicles and is an important component of a well-diversified portfolio.

Our passive real estate investment opportunities mean you don’t have to worry about taking on the stress, risk, and time commitment of being a landlord. Instead, you can simply make the initial investment and build wealth while continuing to live life on your own terms.


Jorge was born and raised from Cuban parents in Miami, Florida. He studied Electrical Engineering at Florida International University but his passion was Real Estate. After graduating he worked at the engineering department for UPS but didn’t last there long as he decided to pursue his passion of Real Estate investing as a career.

Jorge has now been a full time Real Estate Investor for over 16 years. He started investing in single family rentals, fix-and-flip projects, and small multifamily properties. During this time, Jorge also founded JNT Construction so he could manage and oversee all of his renovation projects in-house.

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About Wale

Wale Lawal is the founder and CEO of Freedom Commercial Investment Group. He oversees all aspect of the company and all properties before and after closing. His philosophy is that if it’s not a win-win for all, it’s not a deal for him.
Wale was born and raised in Nigeria, obtained Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. After 5 years in the Oil and Gas, he left corporate America for real estate.

He has been a full time Real Estate Investor and Real Estate Broker for over 4 years. Wale started investing in single family rentals, wholesaling, fix-and-flip projects, and small multifamily properties. He has closed over $50+ Million in real estate sales and participated in over $38 Million Multifamily projects. Currently have over $3000,000 Asset Under Management.
Wale also founded Networth Builders Realty so he could help other investors acquire cash flowing rental properties and offer new investors free mentorship during the transaction. He is a Rockstar Real Estate Broker with multiple awards under his belt and still counting.
Wale uses his engineering and real estate skills to manage all of the business. With more than 9 years of real estate and corporate experience, Wale is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to evaluating real estate investments & renovating

About Jorge

Jorge Abreu is the co-founder and CEO of Elevate. He manages the properties before and after we close, communicates with the property managers, and makes sure everything is on track with the business plan.

Jorge was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. After college, he left corporate America and began his real estate career. He teamed up with Eric Bodiwala and using his engineering background as a complement to Eric’s marketing background, built what is Elevate CIG today.

Jorge uses his engineering knowledge to manage all of the construction projects. With more than 12 years of real estate and construction experience, Jorge is second to none when it comes to evaluating & renovating properties

About Nick

Nick is currently the Legal Advisor for Freedom CIG.
Nick is a partner in the real estate and private equity practice group
handling virtually all transactions involving income-producing
commercial real estate. With several years’ experience, Nick represents local, regional, and national developers, owners, syndicators, general partners, limited partners, and investors as they acquire and divest commercial real estate through sophisticated transactions.
He uses his experience to provide straight-forward actionable and practical advice with the ability to refine clients’ strategies for acquisitions, development, leasing, financing, and joint ventures. Nick’s clients are focused predominantly on the national multi-family real estate industry as he has transacted hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial real estate in 2023.
He is well-versed in matters related to advising and structuring joint ventures, syndicating real estate.

Andrew Asmus


Andrew is currently the CapEx Estimator for Freedom
CIG. Andrew received his Bachelor in Accounting at
University of Texas Pan American and a year into the
MBA program at the University of Houston.
Andrew experience working as an estimator for a
residential remodeling company and then started his
own remodeling and home repair company, Asmus
His work interests include value-add construction,
project management and design.
Andrew is the Project Manager and Capital
Expenditure Manager for Freedom Commercial
Investment Group.
Together with Freedom CIG, Andrew helps busy
professionals invest in real estate without the
headache of dealing with tenants, repairs or
property analysis.

Angie Bhasin

Financial Advisor | CPA

Angie is currently the Financial Advisor and CPA for
Freedom Commercial Investment Group. She is a
Nationally recognized Certified Public Accountant,
practicing in California since 2002.
She has worked and still working with many Multifamily
Investors and Real Estate Professionals across the
country. Angie bring her years of advanced tax
reduction strategies and proactive tax planning to the
team. She is the recipient of the Certified Tax Planner
award by the prestigious American Institute of Certified
Tax Planners and knows how to leverage every
available deduction, tax strategy, legal “loopholes”.
Angie is the Founder and CEO of FinTax CPA.

Freedom Commercial Investment Group

Freedom Commercial Investment Group, based in Houston TX, is a multifamily investment firm with a focus on value-add assets
We focus on capital preservation while striving to deliver strong, risk-adjusted returns to our investors. We also focus on affordable homes in class B and C
We provide busy professionals, retirees, small and large business owners, accredited and sophisticated investors the opportunity to invest in real estate without the hassle of having to analyze properties, manage tenants, deal with any repairs or any other work required to run a profitable real estate company
At Freedom CIG, we specialize in value-add multifamily real estate and exhibits an expertise in maximizing value on every asset we acquire. Rather than attempting to predict the market cycles, we strive to acquire cash flowing apartment communities within large, well-located U.S. metros.






Transition From Single Family Flips And Small Multifamily To Large Multifamily Syndication

Massive Education And Acquisition Of First Multifamily Property

2020 had a lot of new challenges. Elevate geared towards Streamlining Systems & Processes to prepare for 2021. They had a strong start to the year and finished very strong heading into 2021

Transition From Single Family Flips And Small Multifamily To Large Multifamily Syndication

Elevate started the year hot and acquired 924 units less than mid way through the year and ending the year with adding 3,005 Units